Design your own Weed Bag in 3 Simple Steps

Marijuana medical dispensaries are required to pack their products in bags that are child-resistant and leakproof. Your marijuana bags can be made custom, scent-proof, kid-resistant, and printed on with ease using either the digital or plate print processes. See how to sew your grow bags from fabric that is designed for use with weed control, which is far better used than the actual weed-control material. Here we will discuss how to design your medical cannabis RX Bags in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Creating Custom Printed Marijuana Bags

The first step to creating custom printed marijuana bags for your dispensary is choosing the proper sized bags. Some aspects of cannabis bags that are customizable include the size, shape, printing options, design, materials, and additions. Marijuana bags can be customized with regards to the dimensions, extra features, shape, or design, among others. For instance, a custom dispensary bag could be customized to include a window for your customers to see products. For example, marijuana bag designs may include a zip closure for reusing a bag and maintaining compliance, or a one-time tear, single-use slot for opening a bag.

Step 2: Product Package Compatibility Test

This test centres around the materials used in making the marijuana bags. In some states, you must verify that the marijuana product is inside all of TedPacks cannabis bags before leaving a business location.

Keep in mind, due to certain states laws surrounding pot, if you decide to sell your items in containers you can see through, you may eventually need to pack everything into mylar bags anyway. You can count on the mylar bags holding the products that you are selling, and you are also using them as packaging for deliveries, storefront displays for the dispensary, and even as long-term storage containers for your inventory.

Step 3: Packaging of Marijuana Products

Hands down the best cannabis custom packing of medical cannabis RX Bags at a value that I have ever had the privilege to work on for our brand portfolio. Together, Marijuana Packaging can build your cannabis branding and the customized look that you want your company to have. We allow you the freedom from broader concepts such as colors, to more specific design-focused cannabis packaging such as engraved or flat labels on your custom-branded packages. At Brand My Dispo, Marijuana Packaging wants to make your life as simple as possible, and allow you to enjoy yourself when creating a marijuana packaging design. We also has the ability to provide custom marijuana bags with a truly tactile experience, as we offer bags with soft-touch finishes.

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